THE GOLDEN DUCK -Da Cá Trứng Muối Giòn



What you’re getting :

  • Five individual 125g packs
  • Premium TGD Snackbox
  • Surprise snacking essentials!
  • Good vibes from sunny Singapore

Other info :

  • Printed shelf-life : 12 months (shorter than other snacks due to the real ingredients we use!)
  • Guaranteed minimum 10 months of shelf-life when it reaches you, or your money back
  • Halal Certified by MUIS
  • Produced in Singapore
  • Allergy warnings : Contains Fish, Egg, Soy, and Milk. May contain trace elements of Crustacean and Gluten.

Facility certification :

  • ISO 22000

Open the pack, and the subtle aroma of curry leaves tells you something special is about to happen.

The richness of the salted-egg yolks builds steadily in perfect harmony with the subtle, crisp smokiness of lightly fried fish skin.

And what’s that? A hint of roasted coconut?

Absolutely. A perfectly balanced snack sensation.

Flavour notes :

  • Rich and smoky – like Rihanna’s stare
  • Medium saltiness, lightly sweet
  • Hint of spice
  • Coconut undertones

Free shipping within Singapore!

Given the recent lockdown measures globally, we (along with our suppliers) are facing delays caused by the ever-changing nature of the Covid-19 pandemic. This will not be for the long-term. As we learn to better navigate this new economic landscape, we hope to shorten our production and delivery timelines in the coming weeks. Thank you for the patience, and the loving response so far!


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